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   Welcome to the new da-warpath main page! Some buttons work, some don't - pretty much greenskin all around!!!
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Welcome to da-warpath!!!

da-warpath is dedicated to the biggest and meanest army in all of Warhammer - the Orcs & Goblins!  Here at da-warpath, we have worked hard over the years to create a great community composed of thousands of Orc and Goblin players from around the world. Da boyz have used the forums to give all greenskin players the tools to paint, gather, and field crazy armies that annoy and destroy.  Now we are gathering the Waaagh and updating the main site with all the resources any gobbo would ever need! If you would like to contribute to this insanity in any way, visit the forums or email us directly to learn how!


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Results are in! How did you do?


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Newest Issue of DWQ!

What's inside? Two Battle Reports! Yes two! And more: Including Games Workshop news on the new little furry things and rumors of O&G goodness! This issues interview is with warboss Hazm and his fire gobbos! Also, a great article on tactics, a discussion on themes for armies, and we revisit Da Pirate Orcs!

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tactics news shieldDWQ is looking for submissions!
Have an idea for an article? Have some amazing models? Want to rant or rave about something in the Warhammer world? Then jump over to the DWQ forums and help out! NOW!

news generalCheck out the Army Blogs
Solid work on painting, collecting, and using your armies is going on right here on our Army Blog forums! Go - get some inspiration!

news generalDo you have a rules question?
Ask it in the Da Game section. Don't have a question? How about sharing your tactics, army lists, or even share some fluff!

news generalGet your Campaign on!
Animosity 4 is underway! A4 is another great online campaign by da-warpaths on campaign masters. Armies from all over the warhammer world battle in Cathay!

Talk to Da Bosses!
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